Rent Aurora F3500 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer


Aurora Optics offers Profile Alignment System (PAS) with a difference: incredible speed. Using sub-pixel image processing, the most advanced single-board computer and frame grabber, and two simultaneous views of the fibers, the new Fusion 3500 can inspect fiber ends, gap, align, splice, and make splice loss estimate in just 10-15 seconds. In PAT (LID) mode, furthermore, the Fusion 3500 can outperform any other splicer on the market, with average single mode splice loss of just 0.016 dB. Its vast memory can store results from up to 1000 splices for downloading, and it can accommodate at least 100 program fiber profiles, either factory-installed or user-developed. It comes in attractive and compact briefcase-style packaging, with battery, charger, built-in heater (or UltraSleeve closer), and many other accessories.

Rent Aurora F3500


Automatic PAS alignment in both axes simultaneously
Fiber end angle measurement and gross defect detection
Large clear video monitor that tilts and turns in any direction
Two simultaneous views of the fibers at 65 X
Splice data memory for up to 1000 splices
Capacity for 100 splice program profiles
RS 232 port allows downloading of splice data to computer
Unique pigtail port system for both splice alignment and pigtail continuity check
Automatic overlap correction
Built-in heater or UltraSleeve closing tool