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Rent Ericsson FSU 15 FA Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver Details Ericsson FSU 15 FA Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer With a new approach for specialty fiber splicing the FSU 15 FA combines cold image alignment with warm image processing to splice fibers with different mode field diameters. Keeping track of the core before, during and […]

Rent Ericsson RSU-12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer RSU12 Details Fiber Types: Single fiber or up to 12-fiber ribbon, single or multimode, DSF and NZ-DSF Ericsson’s RSU 12 Ribbon Fusion splicer is the dream machine for splicing ribbon with up to 12 fibers quickly, easily and accurately. Like all our splicers, we designed it with the user […]

Rent Ericsson FSU 905 Fiber Optic Cable Fusion Splicer Details The Ericsson FSU 905 is the perfect splicer for all your Single-mode and Multimode splicing needs, offering auto splice and alignment Rent Ericsson FSU 905 controls. It is affordable, yet durable and in great working condition. The screen is in great condition. This FSU 905 […]

Rent Ericsson FSU 925 Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver Details The FSU 925 fusion splicer can be used to splice all single-mode and multimode fibers available on the market for telecommunication, sensers and data applications. These include fibers with colored or uncolored, loose or tight secondary coatings. Rent Ericsson FSU 995

Rent Ericsson FSU 995 FA Fiber Fusion Splicer Details The FSU 995 series has all the unique features needed to satisfy demanding requirements of specialized fiber splicing, such as PM splicing, Erbium splicing and thin core fiber splicing. The FSU 995 series consists of three different splicers, each with its own unique features. The FSU […]

Rent Ericsson FSU 975 Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver Details GENERAL Take all the well-known features of our FSU 925 splicer, make them better, improve performance and package  everything in a design that’s even more user-friendly and simpler to operate. The result? The new FSU 975. Rent Ericsson FSU 975 You get enhanced versatility and […]

Rent Ericsson FSU 15 FI Fiber Fusion Splicer Details Ericcson FSU-15 FI Fusion Splicer Ericsson’s revolutionary new fusion splicer delivers ultra fast splice time and the wrold’s shortest shrink time. This adds up to a total cycle time of less than 40 seconds. The combination of cold image alignment and warm image processing is what […]

Rent Ericsson EC1 Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver Details Ericsson EC1 Fusion Splicer The EC1 Fusion Splicer is part of the Ericsson family of compact fusion splicers designed to meet all the needs associated with repairs and installations of fiber optic cable in trunk, local, data or cable-TV networks. It is distinguished by its simplicity […]