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Rent Furukawa FiTeL S-182A Fiber Fusion Splicer Details The S182A is specifically designed for splicing fiber of the same mode field diameter. The unit’s optimized design – with function keys and LCD monitor located behind the splicing area – provides you with uncluttered, efficient access to the splicing area for maximum productivity. The attenuation function […]

Rent Fitel Furukawa S121A HandHeld Fusion Splicer Details The S121A hand held mini fusion splicer is ideal for connection installations where simplicity and low cost are a requirement. Typical applications include LANs and FTTH services. The S121A fusion splicer has been reduced in both size and weight to 1/3 of previous model. The unit itself […]

Rent Furukawa FiTel S-174H Fiber Fusion Splicer Details Furukawa FiTel Fusion Splicer S-174H A high-precision fusion splicer for singlemode fiber and multimode fiber. The core of each fiber is viewed dirctly ensuring accurate alignment of fibers. The lightweight, compact design makes the splicer easily transport for field use. Rent Furukawa FiTel S-174H Key Features The […]

Rent FiTel Furukawa S148 Fiber Fusion Splicer Details The FiTel S148 is a singlemode & multimode V-groove single fiber fusion splicer. Rent FiTel Furukawa S148 Fiber