OptiSplice M90e

Rent Corning OptiSplice M90e LID Fusion Splicer


Corning OptiSplice M90e Fusion Splicer

Corning Cable Systems OptiSplice® M90e Fusion Splicer is the next generation of the proven M90 Fusion Splicer and is the ideal machine for networks where low-loss performance and high-end accuracy are imperative. Ideal for long-haul, CATV, telco and LAN applications, it can accurately splice current, legacy, dissimilar and specialty fiber types.

The OptiSplice M90e Fusion Splicer offers the power thru core-alignment accuracy of Corning Cable Systems LID-SYSTEM ™ Unit, along with the speed and versatility of a video camera based core-alignment technology known as the core detection system (CDS). The LID-SYSTEM Unit is the most advanced technology available for splicing 250 micron single-mode fibers, providing a splice loss measurement after the splice is completed. The CDS system works on both 250 and 900 micron fibers and offers the fastest total splice cycle time on the market for a core-alignment fusionsplicer. The ultra-fast heat-shrink oven requires only 20 sec heating time on industry standard 60 mm heat-shrinks.

Rent Corning OptiSplice M90e

With graphical user interface for easy menu navigation, the OptiSplice® M90e provides the most advanced set of features available including a high-contrast 5.7-in color touch screen with an ambient light sensor for automatic adjustment to different lighting conditions (even direct sunlight) and includes onboard, interactive training videos with operational and maintenance sections. TheAuto-Start feature begins the splice process when the fiber flaps close. Utilizing automatic fusion time to optimize each splice, the unit offers real splice loss measurement and automatic fiber-type detection with the LID-SYSTEM ™ Unit and splice loss estimation with the CDS.

The OptiSplice M90e offers a slot for a multimedia card (MMC), a USB work lamp and two USB ports for easy data output and software upgrades. It includes maintenance-free precise and durable (P&D) electrode and is capable of building attenuators by using a programmable splice loss program (up to 10 dB).

This compact, user-friendly fusion splicer yields top-notch performance, while reducing training and maintenance costs and is RDUP listed (formerly RUS). The Integrated Global Positioning System (GPS), which can be disabled, automatically adjusts for altitude changes and allows for storing of splice location coordinates.

Advanced statistical data analysis features allow for the operator to graphically view the performance of things such as the cleave quality over a period of time. This enables the operator to make informed maintenance decisions based on data analysis, such as when to replace a cleaver blade.