Rent Corning OptiSplice M90i Fiber Fusion Splicer


Corning Siecor M90i Fusion Splicer
A LANscape® Solutions Product


• LAN, CATV, Telco, FTTx networks


The next generation of the proven M90 Fusion Splicer is available today with the Corning Cable Systems OptiSplice™ M90i Fusion Splicer. The latest addition to the OptiSplice Fusion Splicer product family, the M90i Fusion Splicer is the ideal machine for networks where low-loss performance and high-end accuracy are imperative. The LID-SYSTEM™ Unit (local injection and detection system) monitors light injected into the core of the fibers for precise core-alignment, realtime splice optimization during the fusion process and accurate splice loss evaluation. The M90i Fusion Splicer replaces both the M90 6000 series and the OptiSplice Premier iLID Fusion Splicers, combining the benefits of both machines.

Rent Corning OptiSplice M90i Fiber Rental

Features / Benefits

Utilizes proven LID-SYSTEM Unit Technology for the lowest loss fusion splice available active core alignment, auto-fusion time control and provides splice loss measurement
Includes CDS technology for fast core-alignment, including 900 µm fibers or fibers with live traffic
Factory programs and user-defined programs for all common fiber types (SM, MM, NZDS, etc.)
Graphical user interface for easy menu navigation
Remote service capabilities via the Internet
The Fusion Splicer Service Center can view splices in real-time and control the splicer remotely
Allows remote calibration and diagnostics
Greatly reduces maintenance/downtime costs
Data analysis
Software upgrades
On-board, interactive training videos
Reduces training time and costs
Includes operational and maintenance sections
Built-in full-function PC
Windows® XP Professional Edition
Compatible with most off-the-shelf software
6.4-in color touch screen
Compatible with most USB accessories
Integrated global positioning system (GPS)
Fast, energy efficient heat-shrink oven (only 20 seconds on a 60 mm heat-shrink)
Maintenance-free precise and durable (P&D) electrodes
Automatic, “button-less” fusion splicing operation with auto-start feature

LID-SYSTEM™ Unit Technology

The accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM Unit and its power-through splice loss measurement method eliminate the time-consuming task of evaluating splices with an OTDR. The single-mode LID-SYSTEM Unit first optimizes core alignment in each of the X, Y and Z axes. When the fusion process begins, the M90i Fusion Splicer’s unique auto fusion time control monitors the power level through the splice and completes the fusing process when splice loss is at a minimum – ensuring the best splice possible. Finally, the LID-SYSTEM Unit measures splice loss by comparing power levels before and after the fusion process.

Precise and Durable (P&D) Electrodes

P&D electrodes for the M90i Fusion Splicer are maintenancefree, worry-free and can reduce the average splice loss up to 50 percent when compared to standard electrodes. Permanently attached arc-stabilizers guarantee both high-precision and longlife durability. An electrode cleaning arc, which is applied by the fusion splicer automatically, is sufficient to ensure continued low-loss splicing for approximately 7000 arcs.

Core Detection System (CDS)

Unlike previous versions of the M90, the M90i Fusion Splicer also comes equipped with a secondary method for core alignment based on cameras. Core detection system (CDS), although not as accurate as the LID-SYSTEM Unit Technology, allows for fast core-alignment (15s) even on 900 µm single-mode fibers. The M90i Fusion Splicer is also capable of automatically choosing the best alignment method for the application at hand.