Corning OptiSplice

Rent Corning OptiSplice Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer



Fast and reliable operation: 20 sec splice (12 fiber) + 40 sec heat-shrink oven = 60 sec typical
Graphic user interface:  For easy menu navigation
High-capacity Li-Ion battery:  130 12-fiber splices with heat-shrink oven typical
Snap-in magnetic handlers:  Provides easy and precise fiber placement every time
Ergonomic layout:  Work area faces the operator and includes a removable splice tray holder

Corning Cable Systems OptiSplice® Ribbon Handheld Fusion Splicer is a sturdy and reliable high-performance splicer for restoration and installation of ribbon cable with 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, or 12-fiber ribbons or single fibers. It features a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy menu navigation and dual cameras which allow for a splice loss estimate of the completed splice.

Ideal for use in low-light environments, the highintensity LEDs provide splice area illumination and can also illuminate the interior of a splice closure, making this splicer perfect for restoration purposes. The high-contrast, transflective LCD provides great visibility in bright sunlight, a true benefit for outdoor splicing applications.

The splice area cover serves as a wind protector and rubber bumpers protect the corners. The folding screen cover also doubles as an adjustable splice tray holder.

Rent  Corning OptiSplice

The “snap-in” magnetic handlers provide easy and consistent fiber placement in v-grooves to reduce complexity and rework.

The unit offers an ergonomic layout where the splice area, screen and keypad face the operator. Its compact size allows the fusion splicers to be placed in close proximity to splice closures, pedestals, or NIDs for efficient workflow. There are factory programs and user-defined programs for common fiber types (single-mode, multimode, NZDS, etc.). The splicer also includes a USB interface for data output and software upgrades, and is easy to clean and maintain. With a fast heat-shrink oven, this splicer is RoHS compliant and operates on a high-capacity Li-Ion battery.