minimass 5000

Rent Corning Siecor MiniMass 5000 Series Fusion Splicer


miniMASS fusion splicer is perfect in restricted locations where ribbon splicing has previously been impossible.

The miniMASS can splice standard fibers configured as pigtails, single loose fibers, factory-made ribbons, or field-ribbonized fibers. Aerial splice points, nodes and pedestals, as well as traditional high fiber count locations, are a snap with the miniMASS fusion splicer. With its L-PAS video imaging system, the unit automatically analyzes fiber positions, inspects cleave quality and cleanliness, fuses the fibers, and estimates individual splice loss. All of these steps are completed in 45 seconds. During the fiber inspection, an alarm and on-screen prompt warn the operator of any conditions the splicer interprets as less than ideal for a good splice.

Rent Corning Siecor MiniMass 5000

The miniMASS fusion splicer provides 10 user-editable programs for storing splicing parameters. Up to 250 individual or 35 12-fiber ribbon splice loss values are held in memory that may be downloaded. The unit also provides reminders to perform routine electrode cleaning and replacement.

The fibers, prompts, and parameters are viewed on the large active matrix color LCD display that may be adjusted for contrast. The tilt stand also provides improved viewing and operation orientation.

Features / Benefits

“Snap-in” magnetic handlers provide consistent fiber placement in grooves
NEW! Large 5.5-inch color LCD improves fiber viewing
Splices one fiber or ribbons with two to twelve fibers
AC and camcorder-style battery power options in one case
Current Optimization Program recommends current setting according to the fiber type, electrode conditions, and environmental influences
One-button operation, fully automatic splice cycle
On-screen error message combined with acoustic indicator
Average lab loss for identical single-mode ribbons = 0.05 dB; typical field splice loss of 0.10 dB Summarized and individual splice loss upon completion of splice
Active matrix color LCD with adjustable contrast displays all fibers in both x and y views alternately
Flip-cover activated heat-shrink oven with LED heating indicator
Handheld thermal stripper with DC and AC power options