Rent Corning X77i Fiber Optic Micro Fusion Splicer


Corning X77i


Voice, video or data application
Accurately splices current, legacy, dissimilar and specialty fiber types
Splices 900 µm pigtails utilizing three-dimensional core alignment technology – the core detection system (CDS) mode

Rent Corning X77i


The X77i Micro Fusion Splicer is the latest iteration of Corning Cable Systems’ best-selling unit. The X77i splicer offers the active core alignment accuracy of Corning Cable Systems LID-SYSTEM™ Unit as well as the speed and versatility of a camera-based passive core-alignment technology, core detection system (CDS).

With the increasing number of applications for splicing dissimilar and specialty fibers, the LID-SYSTEM Unit is a necessity for low-loss splices. The X77i Micro Fusion Splicer is the perfect combination of precise operation and ease of use in one cost-effective machine.

Features / Benefits

Two-in-one alignment unit offering direct active alignment with LID-SYSTEM Unit Technology and fast 3-axis camerabased passive core-alignment with core detection system (CDS)
Utilizes automatic fusion time to optimize each splice (LID-SYSTEM Unit)
Graphical user interface for easy menu navigation
Auto-Start feature begins the splice process when the fiber flaps close

LID-SYSTEM™ Unit Technology

The accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM Unit and its power through splice loss measurement method eliminates the time consuming task of evaluating splices with an OTDR. The single- mode LID-SYSTEM Unit first optimizes core alignment in each of the X, Y and Z axes. When the fusion process begins, the X77i Micro Fusion Splicer’s unique auto fusion time control monitors the power level through the splice and completes the fusing process when splice loss is at a minimum – ensuring the best splice possible. Finally, the LID-SYSTEM Unit measures splice loss by comparing power levels before and after the fusion process.

Core Detection System (CDS)

The X77i is now equipped with a secondary method for core alignment (CDS) based on cameras. This technology, although not as accurate as the LID-SYSTEM, allows for fast core alignment (15s) even on 900 µm single-mode fibers. The X77i is also capable of automatically choosing the best alignment method for the application at hand.

Precise and Durable Electrodes (P&D)

Precise and durable (P&D) electrodes for the X77i fusion splicer are absolutely maintenance-free, worry-free, and can reduce the average splice loss up to 50 percent. Permanently attached arc-stabilizers guarantee both high-precision and longlife durability. An electrode cleaning arc, which is applied by the fusion splicer automatically, is sufficient to ensure continued low-loss splicing for approximately 7,000 arcs.