m90 4000

Rent Siecor Corning M90 4000 Series Fusion Splicer


Fiber Diameters
Single-mode fibers, dispersion-shifted single-mode fibers and multimode fibers with coating diameters of up to 900 um can be fused. The splicer is designed for use with the standard 125 um outside fiber diameter (without coating). If you need to splice fibers with other diameters, please contact the manufacturer.

Rent Siecor Corning M90 4000

Automatic Fiber Positioning
Fiber positioning and the fusion process run automatically. This assures uniform high quality results independent of the operator. Two mutually independent processes for positioning and automatic splice loss determination have been integrated into the splicer. The time tested LID system (Local Injection and Detection) allows for accurate core-to-core positioning of the fiber ends such that good splicing results can even be achieved with singlemode fibers with eccentric cores. It also allows for the measurement of splice loss at an operational wavelength of 1300 nm. If the LID system cannot be used (e.g. with tight-buffered fibers), the completed splice is analyzed with the L-PAS -video system (Lens Profile Alignment System), and splice loss is indicated in dB as well.