Rent Siecor Corning RXS X77 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer


The X77 Fusion Splicer is Corning Cable Systems’ best-selling unit. Like its predecessor, the M90 fusion splicer, the X77 offers the core alignment accuracy of Corning Cable Systems’ LID-SYSTEM® Unit and the speed of a Profile Alignment System. With the increasing number of applications for splicing dissimilar and specialty fibers, the LID-SYSTEM Unit is a necessity for low loss splices. The X77 fusion splicer is the perfect combination of precision operation and ease of use, both in a cost-effective machine. The recent addition of patented maintenance-free electrodes provides even more value by eliminating the time spent cleaning and replacing electrodes.

Rent Siecor Corning RXS X77n

The accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM Unit eliminates the timeconsuming task of evaluating splices with an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) while splicing. The X77 fusion splicer utilizes Automatic Fusion Time Control by monitoring in real time the relative power level through the splice and ends fusing when splice loss is at a minimum. With the addition of the X77’s pigtail adapter, the craftsperson is able to apply the accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM Unit when splicing pigtails.

The X77 fusion splicer offers programs for single-mode and multimode splicing. While the standard parameters are preset at the factory in three fixed programs and eight specialty, every individual parameter can be freely programmed by the operator in the 10 user-defined programs. Up to 250 splice loss values can be stored for downloading to a text file for system records. Messages and splice loss results are shown on the X77’s 5.5-in high resolution LCD display with contrast adjustment. A tilt stand on the attachment power supply provides improved viewing and operation orientation.


Both a precision LID-SYSTEM Unit for direct core alignment and a fast three-axis Profile Alignment System
Utilizes Automatic Fusion Time to control splice loss
Builds attenuators; programmable splice loss (up to 10 dB)
Fiber positioning and the fusion process are completely automatic with one-button operation
Both AC adapter and battery are integrated in the attached power supply
Rugged, watertight carrying case
Maintenance-free Precise and Durable (P&D) electrodes


All telco, CATV and LAN applications
Accurately splices dissimilar and specialty fibers
Splicing 900 µm pigtails via a pigtail module for connectors
New construction or old grade fiber splicing


Principle Operation      Direct Core Alignment LID-SYSTEM® Unit, 3-axis alignment, 1300 nm LED
Fiber Coatings      250 to 900 µm
Fiber Types      Multimode, Single-mode, Specialty Single-mode (Non-Zero Dispersion-Shifted (NZDS) single-mode fibers including long-haul, metropolitan, and others)
Typical Splice Loss Lab     0.03 dB for single-mode
Typical Splice Loss Field     0.05 dB for single-mode
Operating Temperature      -5 to +45°C
Humidity      95%, non-condensing
Monitor      Color LCD, 100x, 5.5-in diagonal
Power AC      Integrated power supply with tilt base provides: 95-260 V with automatic voltage range selection; 50 to 60 Hz; DC output ports for operation of accessories
Power DC      12 V camcorder rechargeable battery; recharge time: approximately 8 hours
Dimensions      8.5 x 7.3 x 5.5 in (216 x 185 x 140 mm