Rent Siecor Corning X74 Fiber Fusion Splicer & Cleaver


Corning Cable Systems X74 Micro Fusion Splicer combines small size with big-machine capabilities. Specifications

Rent Siecor Corning X74

Fiber Type:   Singlemode and Multimode Fibers
Inserts for Universal Adapters:   for single fibers and fiber ribbons
Fiber Viewing:   LCD monitor
Magnification:   approx. 50x
Fiber Positioning:   silicon precision V-grooves
Average Mean Splice Loss for Identical Standard SM Fibers:   < 0.15 dB
Tensile Test:   manual
Number of Splice Programs:   5 for SM fibers / 5 for MM fibers
Working Temperature:   0 to 15 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature:   -20 to 70 degrees Celsius