X77 7000

Rent Siecor Corning X77 7000 Series Fusion Splicer


Siecor Corning X77 7000 Series Fusion Splicer

The Series 7000 X77 elevates the most popular Corning Cable Systems fusion splicer to a level rivaling the most premium splicers. Although the completely automatic unit performs all core alignment fiber inspection, fusion and loss estimation at the touch of a button, the new, large 5-inch LCD with 100X fiber magnification adds excitement when viewing the fusion process on the X77.
The LID-SYSTEM® unit ensures the X77 always provides core alignment when low loss is required on single-mode fibers. The LID-SYSTEM unit injects a 1300 nm light signal directly into the core of the fiber, moves the fibers in 3 axes to optimize alignment, then monitors that light signal during fusion. The Automatic Fuse Time Control (AFC) feature is the only real-time feedback system of its kind. By actively monitoring the LID levels during fusion, the X77 terminates the arc when the lowest loss is achieved. The AFC feature allows the splicer to actively determine the optimum fusion time for each splice and does not fuse the same fixed time for all splices, which is common on other fusion splicers. This feature allows for active compensation to varying environmental changes and splicer wear. Finally, after fusion the LID-SYSTEM power levels are input to the estimation algorithm to provide an enhanced accuracy in the loss estimation.

The X77 offers three preset standard programs for single-mode and mulitmode fibers. Another six preset programs for splicing specialty fibers (LEAF® , TrueWave®) and in-line attenuators are available. Up to ten userdefined programs are available for custom program sets. The unit can store up to 250 splice loss values in memory, which may be downloaded easily to a computer and maintained for system records.

Rent Siecor Corning X77 7000


A flexible, economical splicer for those needing precision when single-mode splicing and speed and reliability for multimode splicing.
Average splice loss for identical single-mode fibers of < 0.03 dB; field loss of 0.05 dB average.
Core-aligning precision of the LID-SYSTEM® unit technology
Large 5-inch LCD displays fiber at 100X magnification
Automatic Fusion Time Control ensures low splice loss every time
Fully automatic, one-button operation
Twelve language options including English, French, and Spanish
Optional heat shrink oven settings adjusted via keypad
LCD intensity control
On-screen errors with audible alarms
Tensile test capability
Splices pigtails using the LID-System unit via a pigtail module for SC, FC, and ST® compatible connectors