Rent Ericsson EC1 Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver


Ericsson EC1 Fusion Splicer

The EC1 Fusion Splicer is part of the Ericsson family of compact fusion splicers designed to meet all the needs associated with repairs and installations of fiber optic cable in trunk, local, data or cable-TV networks. It is distinguished by its simplicity of operation and portability, offering efficient splicing at low-cost. In line with its user-friendliness, the EC1 comes with six predefined splicing programs that handle the most common types of single fiber splicing.  In addition, the EC1 allows you to design your own splicer programs.

Rent Ericsson EC1

The EC1 comes with 6 pre-defined splicing programs that are intended to deal with the most common types of splicing :

General single mode fiber and pigtails
General single mode fiber
Concentric single mode fiber
Multimode fiber 50 µm core
Multimode fiber 62.5 µm core
Dispersion shifted fiber