Rent Ericsson FSU 15 FA Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver


Ericsson FSU 15 FA Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer

With a new approach for specialty fiber splicing the FSU 15 FA combines cold image alignment with warm image processing to splice fibers with different mode field diameters. Keeping track of the core before, during and after the splice, the FSU 15 FA secures the best possible splice result. Add speed, accuracy, high strength capabilities and you have a winner.

Rent Ericsson FSU 15

The splicer uses a new technology for matching fibers with different mode field diameters (patent pending) and reduces loss to levels never seen before. The FSU 15 FA, will bring specialty fiber splicing to new heights. We have combined cold image alignment with warm image processing to ensure the best possible splice result, whatever fiber you are using. This also gives you extremely accurate splice loss estimation. The FSU 15 FA is equipped with fiber platforms for fiber holders to give the machine high strength capabilities. Used with the right preparation tools you can achieve splices that can match the specification of your product.


erbium fiber splicing
high strength capabilities
ultra fast splice time
cold core alignment and warm image processing
menu-driven user interface
arc check process

The FSU 15 FA has a menu-driven user interface with dynamic function buttons, and a fully automatic splice process, which includes an automatic arc check that compensates for changed electrode condition (e.g. electrode wear) and operating conditions (e.g. altitude, temperature and humidity). The FSU 15 FA has a MFD estimation process that will fine tune the splice loss estimator. Specialty fiber splicing has never been this easy.