Rent Ericsson FSU 15 FI Fiber Fusion Splicer


Ericcson FSU-15 FI Fusion Splicer
Ericsson’s revolutionary new fusion splicer delivers ultra fast splice time and the wrold’s shortest shrink time. This adds up to a total cycle time of less than 40 seconds. The combination of cold image alignment and warm image processing is what makes this technology sizzle.

Rent Ericsson FSU 15

The FSU 15 FI Field Fusion splicer introduces a completely new solution for making field splicing faster, easier and more accurate than ever before. We have combined cold core alignment and warm image processing to ensure a precise alignment process as well as extremely accurate splice loss estimation. These technologies not only do the job – they do it faster and more accurately. Splicing takes less than 15 seconds, while our new patented shrinking technology takes typically 25 seconds. The result? A total cycle of less than 40 seconds.

The splicer is designed to withstand harsh envrionmental conditions. Its lightweight, but yet robust, compact and ergonomic designm make it extremely portable.

The FSU 15 FI has a menu-driven user interface with dynamic function buttons, and a fully automatic splice process, which includes an automatic arc compensation control for altitude, temperature and humidity. Splicing has never been this easy.


Fully automatic splice process
Cold core alignment and warm image processing
Ultra fast splice time
Short shrink time
Designed with the user in mind
Lightweight, but yet robust
Menu-driven user interface attachable power sources