Rent Ericsson RSU-12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer RSU12


Fiber Types: Single fiber or up to 12-fiber ribbon, single or multimode, DSF and NZ-DSF
Ericsson’s RSU 12 Ribbon Fusion splicer is the dream machine for splicing ribbon with up to 12 fibers quickly, easily and accurately. Like all our splicers, we designed it with the user in mind to make operation and handling virtually effortless. You will especially appreciate the large-view color monitor. The menu with help functions. And the full focus on all fibers at the same time. Plus a wide range of fully automatic programs incorporating more than 15 years of field experience and Ericsson’s unsurpassed know-how in fusion splicing and precision “hot image” splice estimation. The RSU 12 is loaded with a host of other convenient features, like a safety shield that doesn’t block your view and a disc drive for storing/loading your data, programs and future software upgrades. You even have a built-in heat oven.

Rent Ericsson RSU-12

Ericsson’s revolutionary new fusion splicer delivers ultra fast splice time and the world’s shortest shrink time. This adds up to a total cycle time of less than 40 seconds. The combination of cold image alignment and warm image processing is what makes this technology sizzle Fully automatic splice process.


Cold core alignment and warm image processing.
Ultra fast splice time.
Short shrink time.
Designed with the user in mind.
Lightweight, but yet robust.
Menu-driven user interface attachable power source.