Rent FITEL Furukawa S199S  Fiber Fusion Splicer


Furukawa Electric presents the new FITEL S199S clad-aligning fusion splicer for SM, MM, NZDS and DS fibers.The S199S leads the industry with its small size, ease-of-use, and state-of-the-art technology. It boasts a 25-second splice time — the fastest in the industry — and has the easiest operating procedures with fail-safe functionality. All of these features are incorporated into a lightweight (2.7 kg), small package (150 x 150 x 150 mm) that assures consistently high-quality splices in all conditions, including aerial workplaces.

Key Features

Only 150mm (5.9”) cubic size and 3.3kg (7.3 lbs, with AC/DC converter)
Either AC/DC converter or battery can be slotted in the main body without wiring
25-second splice and 90-second protection — the fastest in the industry
Simultaneous X and Y views and separated view window for fiber and data on 5”color LCD
Wind proof to 15m/sec (30mph); smart, rugged design and easy fiber loading
5-step battery capacity indicator


Applicable Optical Fiber
Silica glass-based optical fibers: SM, MM, NZDS and DS fibers
Coating/clad diameter:
Cleave length: 10mm

Splice Performance
Average loss:
SM: 0.04dB
MM: 0.03dB
NZDS: 0.07dB
DS: 0.07dB
with identical Furukawa fibers.
(The splice loss may differ according to the fiber manufacturer and may have much larger loss when core has a larger eccentricity)
Reflection: -60dB or lower

Operating Time
Splice: 25s (typical)
90s (typical for 40mm length sleeve)
120s (typical for 60mm length sleeve)
Tension test: 200g (0.4 lbs)

Rent FITEL Furukawa S199S 

Reinforce Heater
Applicable sleeve length: 40 or 60mm
Built-in cooling fan and mechanical pretension fiber clamp
Operating Environment
Temperature: -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)
Humidity: 90% at 38°C (100°F )
Altitude: 3,658m/12,000ft (484mm Hg)
Storage: -40 to +60°C (-40 to 140°F )

LCD: 5” color with anti-reflection coating and protection cover
Video: NTSC (PIN connector)
V-Groove illumination lamp: to help fiber loading


32 splice programs including preprogrammed for major fiber types and customizable programs
10 heat programs, 4 pre-programmed and 6 customizable
Inspection: cleave angle, fiber end gap, offset, splice errors (bubbling, thickening, streak), splice loss estimation
Auto sleep mode
Display information: Operating and error messages, ARC counter, clock, splice status, heater status, estimation loss and inspection results, fiber image (X and Y views)
Message languages: 10 languages are selectable. Contact your dealer for details.
Operating capacity with S940 battery 30 splices and heatings at continuously splicing with the thermal stripper.

Main Body: 150W x 150D x 150Hmm without LCD/ 2.7 kg with LCD
AC/DC Converter: 129W x 150D x 31H mm (slotted into the main body)/ 0.6kg
Battery Pack: 129W x 150D x 31H mm (slotted into the main body)/ 0.8kg

AC100-240V with AC/DC converter Rechargeable battery (DC12V)