Rent FiTel S199M12 Ribbion Fiber Fusion Splicer S199


S199M12 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

The S199M12 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer is specifically designed for splicing ribbon 1 to 12 fibers with a single machine. Splices are accomplished in 30 seconds and yield a typical loss of 0.04dB for single mode ribbon. Various failsafe features give the operator control of the splicing process, preventing costly mistakes and the necessity for re-burns.

Rent FiTel S199M12

Large Monitor
5-inch low reflection LCD is used. Can be clearly seen even under strong sunlight.

Quick Splice Time
Fibers are simultaneously inspected by two CCD cameras. As a result, the entire splicing process is a very fast. Average splice time is 30 seconds.

Embedded Self Diagnosis Function
Before carrying out real splicing, the embedded diagnosis function can help the user check the status of the machine.

Fiber Position Adjustment Button
Fiber position adjustment button can help the user to fine tune the fiber position in the v-groove.


Splice 1-12 fibers
Red-screen alarms
30-second splice
Small compact size
Optimized splice programs for all major ribbon fibers, including TrueWave and  Leaf.
Average splice loss of .04dB for single mode fiber.