Rent FiTel S199M4 Ribbion Fiber Fusion Splicer S199


The FITEL FUSION SPLICER S199 series are compact designed and high performance fusion splicers.


Model Applicable Fiber Type and Fiber Count S199M4 SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF up to 4-fiber ribbon

Used for ribbon-type fiber splicing in Outside Plant and Long-Haul applications.

 Rent FiTel S199M4

S199M4 Fusion Splicer splices up to 4 ribbon fiber.
After setting the prepared fibers, S199M4 splicer automatically feeds the fiber ends and inspect their cleave condition, axis offset, and so on. Then the splicer discharges the arc to melt the glass and butts the end together. S199M4 has the heater applied 40 and 60mm protection sleeve for reinforcing the spliced fiber. The S199M4 splicer can be powered by an AC/DC converter or Battery. The Battery is made of Ni-MH cells and is charged by the AC/DC converter.


Small & Portable
Small compact size with insertable battery.All models use same body case.
Large Monitor
5-inch low reflection LCD is used. Can be clearly seen even under strong sunlight.
Quick Splice Time
Fibers are simultaneously inspected by two CCD cameras. As a result, the entire splicing process is very fast. Average splice time is 30 seconds.
Embedded Self Diagnosis Function
Before carrying out real splicing, the embedded diagnosis function can help the user check the status of the machine.
Fiber Position Adjustment Button
Fiber position adjustment button can help the user to fine tune the fiber position in the v-groove.
White LED Lamp
White LED lamp can help the user to set up fiber in dark environments.
Battery Life Indicator

Rent S199M4 Ribbion Fiber Fusion Splicer S199
Battery life remaining can be checked on screen.
Wind Proof
Splicer can withstand wind up to 33 mph (15m/s) without being affected.
Fan Embedded Heater
With the help of an embedded fan, fiber reinforcement time can be shortened.
Auto Tension Absorbtion
Heater clamps can automatically absorb and adjust fiber’s tension.
Arc Check
Arc check function can help machine to automatically adjust the arc discharge conditions based on the environmental condition. This is important for low-loss splicing.
Data Memory
The splicer can store data up to a maximum of 250 splices.

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