Rent Fujikura FSM-20R12 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer


Fujikura FSM-20R12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer

The FSM-20R12 optical fiber fusion splicer is the equipment which splices optical fiber ribbons by fusion.

Applicable fiber configurations for this splicer are as follows:

1) SM 12 Fibers (ribbons) , SM  = Single-Mode
2) SM 10 Fibers (ribbons)
3) SM 8 Fibers (ribbons)
4) SM 6 Fibers (ribbons)
5) SM 4 Fibers (ribbons)
6) SM 2 Fibers (ribbons)
7) SM 1 Fiber (ribbons)
8) GI 5  Fibers (ribbons) , GI = Graded Index
9) GI 1  Fiber (ribbons)

Rent Fujikura FSM-20R12

The 3 inch LCD monitor and heater for the reinforcement tube are installed to the splicer.

The FSM-20R12 does not have any core aligning mechanism, therefore, the core eccentricity of SM fibers must be 1 um (one micron or less. The computer built into the splicer performs image processing so making the automatic fusion splice possible. This Fusion Splicer uses AC85-265V, 50/60 Hz or DC 10-15V power supplies.