Rent Fujikura FSM-30S ARC Fusion Splicer Cleaver


The Fujikura FSM-30S fusion splicer is the new generation automatic core alignment splicer.

The FSM-30S utilizes the direct core monitoring Profile Alignment System (PAS) to achieve ultra low loss and very accurate splice loss estimation regardless of fiber quality or age. While smaller and lighter than previous models, the FSM-30S has increased capabilities and more operating modes.

Rent Fujikura FSM-30S

The FSM-30S optical system and microprocessor automatically align the fibers and inspect cleave quality. By using the Eccentricity Correction Function (ECF), the splicer determines the fiber core/cladding eccentricity and automatically compensates for in order to assure precise core alignment of the completed splice. The field-proven performance and reliability of Fujikura core alignment PAS splicers are improved with the new FSM-30S.


Fully automatic operation once fibers are set in the fixture
Observation of both X and Y axis simultaneously
Atmosphere, humidity and temperature compensation functions provided
Mechanical proof test provided
Automatically stores the last 100 splice losses together with dates.  Optional built-in memory card slot for storing additional splices.
Mode field diameter mismatch compensation splicing programs.  Suitable for splicing two different fibers (such as DS fiber to Er-doped fiber).
Splice loss control function for creating an in-line fixed attenuator
Arc power is optimized automatically by an integrated arc power test
Programmable tube heating cycle
Dust detection function