Rent Fujikura FSM-40F  High Strength Fiber Splicer


Fujikura FSM-40F Fusion Splicer
Fujikura FSM-40F splicers provide DWDM industries with further solutions to dissimilar fiber splicing. The FSM-40F model is capable of high tensile strength splicing of typical 2.5Gpa (30N) with short cleaved length by clamping the fiber coating. The FSM-40F makes fiber handling easy to make splicing performance stable. To keep up with the development of DWDM optical communication devices, Fujikura developed the FSM-40F for high-strength splicing. The FSM-40F splices dissimilar fiber combinations, especially Erbium-doped fiber to single-mode fiber using patented sweep arc functions. The FSM-40F was specially designed to meet the more specialized needs of the factory user. The splicer requires the minimum of skill dependency and still provides a stable splice loss at a speed demanded by production applications.

Rent Fujikura FSM-40F


Full automatic operation once fibers are set with core-to-core alignment.
Simultaneous observation and alignment of both X view and Y view.
Short cleaved length and high tensile strength splicing capability.
Arc calibration function for stable arc discharge.
Fiber sweep motion for various kind of dissimilar fiber splicing.
Fiber holder system for minimal skill dependency and stable splice loss.
New arc parameters to generate various kinds of adequate arc discharges for all types of fibers.
Optical power monitoring splice with power meter feedback.
Intentional core offset function for an in-line fixed attenuator.
Mechanical in-line proof tester.
Accurate splice loss estimate by observing core distortion and MFD mismatch.
User programmable 40 splicing modes and pre-programmed splicing modes (up to 120) for various fiber combination.
User programmable 10 tube heating modes and pre-programmed modes (up to 20) for various type of protection sleeves.
User definable cleave angle and estimated splice loss threshold.
Diagnostic self-test function for easy maintenance.
The last 1200 splicing results are automatically stored in the internal memory.
RS232C interface port for PC communication function, such as data transfer between PC and the splicer, or remote control by PC