Rent Fujikura FSM-40R24 24 Ribbon Fusion Splicer


FSM-40R24 Fusion Splicer


Compact and light with built-in AC adapter
Color LCD screen displays all 24 fibers simultaneously
Uses standard Fujikura fiber holders
Self diagnostic mode
Stores splice data for 80 24 fiber splices
Electrode and fiber guide positions automatically adjust for different fiber counts

Rent Fujikura FSM-40R24

Designed to meet the needs of today’s high fiber density networks, the FSM-40R24 has the capability to splice ribbons as large as 24 fibers as well as single fibers. Ultra compact and lightweight, this unit features a built-in AC adapter and a dual axes optical path system to provide fully automatic, low splice loss performance in less than 50 seconds for SM, MM, DS, and NZ-DS fiber types. Individual splice loss is estimated for each splice, and 36 pre-programmed splicing modes and five pre-programmed heater modes allow for specialized splicing and various splice protector sleeve types. Memory also permits 30 user defined splice mode settings and 10 splice protection sleeve heater settings, as well as storage of downloadable splice data for 80 24-fiber splices or 320 single fiber splices. The large, color LCD screen displays all 24 fibers simultaneously in alternate axes.