Rent Furukawa FiTeL S-182K Fiber Fusion Splicer


FiTel S182K High Strength Fusion Splicer

The S182K is specifically designed for splicing fiber with different mode field diameters. Much like the S182A, the function keys and LCD monitor are located behind the splicing area in order to provide you with uncluttered, efficient access to the splicing area.

Rent Furukawa FiTeL S-182K

The S182K is optimized to accommodate 3-to 5-mm cleave lengths and features a high precision re-arcing function that produces smaller splice points and low splice loss. The S182K does not touch the bare portion of the fiber and when used with FITEL’s High Strength Splicing Kits provides a high strength splice with an average tensile strength of 20N. The S182 can also be used for non-high strength applications.


20-second splice and 90-second protection
Simultaneous X and Y view with separated view window for fiber and data on 5″ color LC
Automatic magnification control
High precision re-arcing function minimizes splice loss during dissimilar fiber splicing