Rent ILSINTECH Keyman S1 Fiber Fusion Splicer


S1 is a most advanced DCA(direct core to core aligning system) adaptation arc fusion splicer with field engineer friendly ergonomic style, result in the most smallest(include Monitor 150W x 190D x 120H), lightest(include Battery 2.6Kg), fastest(splice time : 9sec, tube heat time : 26sec), Eco-friendly RoHS compliant. Keyman S1 is not a mere tools, it is a beauty works of Art.

Rent ILSINTECH Keyman S1

Slide In 5.6″ Color Monitor

Monitor can be protected from outside impact due to slide in storage in the main body
Ergonomic rear location slide in monitor ensure the user’s working efficiency space is expanded
5.6″ Color TFT LCD Monitor provides visual indication of fusion splicing process

Dual Tube Heater

One cabin dual heater oven- one for High temp, the other for low temp- can give consecutive or independent tube heat (High temp : Independent process, Low temp : Consecutive process)
V-shape heater module structure provides faster heating and cooling process (Heat Time 26sec with S-160 Tube)
Embodied Cooling tray between heater and monitor

Sleeve Loader

Innovative and Convenient portable Sleeve Loader allows expanded working efficiency and precision
(Right and left both side available )
Hi definition lamp illuminates night Working environment
RoHS Compliant
-Pollutant -free materials of eco-friendly

Large capacity battery & Level Meter

Large capacity Lithium polymer battery guarantees long term storage due to less natural discharging rate while repeated charge & discharge usage will not cause battery deterioration (built in safety circuit )
Check the battery capacity more easer with battery meter on switch board
Additional Extra large capacity battery- Option