Rent ILSINTECH Swift F3 Test & Measurement


Swift-F3 Optimized builder for FTTH

Rent ILSINTECH Swift F3 Rental


Applicable for SOC(splicer on connector)
Smallest, Lightest, Fastest
Most Reasonable Price ver Best Quality
Resistance to Shock, Rain, Dust, 100% Proven by Field Test
Efficient Two Heater System

Smallest, Lightest, Fastest

Best One of Among Existing Fixed V-grooved Fusion Splicers

Size : 140(W) 179(L) 87(H) mm
Weight : 1.2 Kg (Include Rubber, Battery 2ea)
Speed : 7 Sec
Heating : 20 Sec (0.9mm 45mm)

Adoption of 2 Heaters
Simultaneously Making SOC Connectors and Doing General Sleeving comes up the Increase 30% of Efficiency

Resistance to Shock, Dust, and Rain
High Quality Fusion Splicer Working Steadily against Harsh Environment

Splicer On Connectors

SC connector
FC connector
LC connector
ST connector

Fusion splicing after Stripping, Cleaning, Cleaving with Connector installed to Specific Holder.  Applicable Swift Connector for other Fusion Splicer by using Universal Holder

General Fusion Splicing
Applicable Cable
– 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2mm, 3mm, Indoor
– installed Fiber Holder to Fusion Splicer.

Specific Feature of SOC Connector
No Trouble in any case due to Putting Splicing Point inside Connector