Rent ILSINTECH Swift S3 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer


Ilsintech Swift S3 core alignment fusion splicer

The Ilsintech Swift S3 core alignment fusion splicer is a precision splicer with state of the art features.  The fastest core alignment splicer today has touchscreen and menu control options, dual heaters for super fast production applications, and a very small and lightweight footprint.  The S3 can be fitted with holders for Splice-On-Connector applications with the advantage of core alignement precision



Core Alignment by IPAS Technology
Resistance to the Environment with Shock,
Rain and Dust
Powerful Battery with Large Capacity
Dual Sleeve Heater
Automatic Execution of Discharge Calibration
Smallest, Lightest & Fastest
4.3 Color LCD Monitor with Touch Panel
Bidirectional Operation System
Attached Sleeve Loader
Attached Night Light
ROHS Compliant

IPAS Technology Core Alignment
Swift-S3 is the core alignment splicer based on IPAS (Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System) Technology

This splicer is the smallest, lightest and fastest among all the existing core alignment splicers

Dimension : 138(W) 160(L) 135(H)
Weight : 2.3kg
Splicing Time : 9 seconds,
Tube heat : 26 seconds

4.3-inch Color LCD Monitor with Touch Pannel
Magnification : 300X, 170X
For user’s convenience, LCD monitor has been designed with touch panel in addition to the operation switch

Bidirectional Operation System
For user’s ergonomic preference, the screen can be turned around for one’s chosen viewing direction as the monitor can be flipped upward and downward

Equipped with Sleeve Loader to Prevent Contamination and Provide Convenience
While working in a man hole, the loader prevents the supplementary sleeve from falling and being contaminated with a flowing water. Working in aerial space such as telephone pole, the loader also prevents the supplementary sleeve from falling down.

Built-in Dual Sleeve Heaters
By using the dual sleeve heaters, a user can continuously without interruption and improves one s productivity by 20%