Rent Sumitomo Type-25eS Fiber Fusion Splicer w/ Cleaver



Dual Camera Splice Loss Estimation
Economically Priced Single Camera Unit
60 Splice & Heat Shrinks per Battery Charge
Multiple Language Options Including Spanish
User-Friendly Menu Selection System
Unified Holders for Type-25e/Type-66
Unified Electrodes for Type-25e/ Type-66/Type-39
Built-in Battery Charger
AC Adapter Incorporated within Unit
Lynx—CustomFit Splice-On Connector Compatible
Automatic Arc Test Function

Rent Sumitomo Type-25eS

The new Type-25e TomCats incorporate all the features, functions, and proven reliability of the Type-25 family—the industry’s most popular handheld splicers for FTTx, premise, and restoration applications—but with numerous enhancements. The new TomCats feature improved optical technology utilizing your choice of an economical one camera or an industry standard dual camera splice loss estimation system. The improved optical technology, combined with a quicker splice protection sleeve heater, allows the unit to deliver a typical splice time in less than 11 seconds for SMF or MMF.

These next generation TomCats continue with Sumitomo’s mission of customer focused engineering by reducing the customer’s overall cost of ownership. The units feature an internal battery charger and AC adapter to reduce equipment cost. They also utilize electrodes common with both the Type-39 and Type-66 to reduce customers’ inventory cost, as well as ordering frustrations. Improved battery technology allows the technician to perform 60 splices on a single battery charge. Included in the “full-featured” distinction of the TomCat splicers are adjustable front-to-back position monitors that allow the user to observe the fiber during the splicing process.

The units are also compatible with Sumitomo’s new Lynx—CustomFit™ Splice-on Connector, which makes index matching gel, hand polishing, epoxies, and splice trays obsolete. The Type-25e family features an improved fiber holder system to increase splice repeatability, while making the units effortless to learn and operate.