Rent Sumitomo Type-25M Ribbon Fusion Splicer


Sumitomo’s TomCat splicers are the industry’s first “full-featured” hand-held fiber splicers offering both the agility and the robustness required for FTTx, premise, and optical component assembly applications.

Ultra-compact fusion splicer “TYPE-25” offers fast, easy and reliable fusion splicing of 4-fiber ribbon.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, these portable battery-operated splicers reduce training time for efficient deployments—making fusion splicing the choice for both optimum reliability and affordability.

Rent Sumitomo Type-25M

Included in the “full-featured” distinction of the TomCat splicers are adjustable position monitors that allow the user to observe the fiber during the splicing process. Their front-to-back workflow makes the splicers ideal when limited fiber slack is available, in aerial taut-sheath applications, and for component testing. Sumitomo’s fiber holder system facilitates quick and easy fiber preparation and placement.

The splicers’ small footprints maximize workspace and enable precision splicing at a close proximity to the splice point for optimal flexibility. All TomCat units are optimized for both single-mode and multimode fibers and are manufactured with the same Sumitomo commitment to quality and reliability.

Lightweight and compact L-shaped body design can be either hung around the neck or placed on a firm base. TYPE-25 is the only product among the ultra-compact fiber optic fusion splicers for FTTH application that allows splice-loss estimation through bidirectional observation, and realizes world’s fastest reinforcement of 4-fiber ribbon. A powerful help function supports the users with little or no previous experiences.


Dual Camera Splice Loss Estimation (Type-25S and Type-25M Models)
Compact, Lightweight (3.3lb) Design Simplifies Splicing in Confined Areas.
30 Splices on a Single Battery
Automatic Arc Test Function
Mounting Holes for Securing the Splicer to a Workstation for Aerial, Pole, & Pedestal Applications
Fiber Holders Allow for Quick and Easy Fiber Placement
Automatic Splice in Less than 13 Seconds for SMF or MMF