Rent Sumitomo Type-35SE Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer


The Type-35SE fusion splicer is a portable, self-contained instrument for creating low-loss optical fiber splices. The splicer automatically aligns a pair of fibers in both the X and Y (horizontal and vertical) planes and then fuses them with heat from an electric arc to form a low-loss splice.

Rent Sumitomo Type-35SE

The fusion operation require less than 35 seconds, and the average splice loss is 0.03 decibels (dB) or less. HDCM (high resolution direct core monitoring) image processing software in the splicer estimates the splice loss based on the degree of alignment of the fiber cores at the splice point. The splicer accepts a variety of silica-glass fibers with cladding diameters ranging from 80µm to 150µm.

Now your people can do fast, high quality splicing more efficently than ever with the latest version of the fusion splicer that set the industry standard.

The Sumitomo Type- 35SE Fusion Splicer gives back precious minutes on every splice. Its new highspeed heater shrinks sleeves in 90 seconds, and we’ve shortened the splice cycle, too. Newly automated functions save time while helping your people assure quality splices–all of which make the Type-35SE easier than ever to use.

Crews work faster and easier with automatic atmospheric arc compensation, automatic electrode monitoring and automated self-illagnostics. The new 100 splice memory stores estimated loss values for later printout Twenty-one programmable settings add versatility and give you maximum performance. And the Type-35DE dlisplay speaks every major language-including yours.

Other new conveniences include an LCD screen that swivels for easy viewing from virtually any angle. You set splice parameters via the membrane keypad on the top panel-no DIP switch settings, no hidden controls.

Everything’s accessible. Yet we’ve kept the same familiar keypad layout and color-coding, so there’s no retraining.

Whether your people install networks, perform emergency restoration or work in the lab, the Sumitomo Type-35SE Fusion Splicer works as fast as they do.


Automatic splice loss estimation
High resolution LCD screen
Programmable high speed heater
Simple accessible controls
Splice data memory storage
Operation menus in 8 languages
Compact and light for portability